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Calendar: All Days of Valentine Week

As all of us know that Valentine Day is the most awaited day of Lovers. The Valentine Day is on 14 February, but do you know that 7 more days are associated with this festival of love. All these days of love are celebrated before Valentine Day to multiply the impact of romance. So if you don’t know about the All Days and Dates of Valentine Week, here we are to provide you the Valentine Calender

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Don’t miss to greet your partner on a single day. We are providing you all details of Valentine Week, so you could manage the programe of your Valentine Week according to your continence. If you want to know more about Valentine Day, please refer to our article: Valentine Day Wiki: The Reason to Celebrate

Valentine Week-2014 Dates and Calendar:

Valentine Week Day-1: Friday, 7 February is Rose Day

Valentine Week Day-2: Saturday, 8 February is Propose Day

Valentine Week Day-3: Sunday, 9 February is Chocolate Day

Valentine Week Day-4: Monday, 10 February is Teddy Beer Day

Valentine Week Day-5: Tuesday, 11 February is Promise Day

Valentine Week Day-6: Wednesday, 12 February is Kiss Day

Valentine Week Day-7 Thursday, 13 February is Hug Day

..and the Grand Day, Valentine Day falls on Friday, 14 February.

Valentine Day Greetings

Valentine Week: Celebration Ideas:

Rose Day: Since this is the first day of Valentine Week, so it has importance. Lovers gift a beautiful rose to their partners. Red rose is a symbol of love and a yellow rose is the symbol of friendship. So its up to you, whom do you want to gift. Gifting a bouquet of red roses to your girlfriend will be cool idea.

Propose Day: The second beautiful day of Valentine Week. Obviously as the name reflects, the day to propose someone you love. So if you have crush on someone don’t hesitate to let him/her know. Say from heart, whatever you want to say. To make your proposal impressive, don’t forget to gift a rose to you partner on Rose Day.

Chocolate Day: Wow! Its the sweetest day of Valentine Week. Someone said,”Wanna make love more sweet? Gift your partner a Chocolate.” So Chocolate Day is meant for sweetness. Impress your girlfriend, gifting her a chocolate bar or candies. She will definitely like it. Too many attractive packings of chocolates are available in market.

Teddy Day: The fourth day of Valentine Week belongs to gifting a teddy beer to your partner. If you have already gifted the teddy beer, this time you can try a different soft toy of his/her choice. Specially girls love teddy beers. Many girls have a large collection of teddy beers. Do you know the secret? They assume it as their boyfriends. So next time when you see your girlfriend kissing a teddy beer, mind it.. it was for you.

Promise Day: The fifth day of Valentine Week is Promise Day. The Day to make promises of love and togetherness. You can promise your partner the thing you fulfill. Don’t make fake promises ever. This can be a cause of bitterness of relationship. Be ready to fulfill, whatever you promise.

Hug Day: This is the sixth day of Valentine week, the coziest day. Give your partner a warm hug to show him/her your affection. No one would like to miss this special day of Valentine Week. A hug is symbolic love towards your partner. A cozy hug of your partner, you will remember for years.

Kiss Day: Seventh day of Valentine Week can take you to the seventh sky if you desire of being kissed by your beloved is fulfilled. So its up to you that you want to kiss him/her or being kissed. Like a hug, kiss is also a symbol of love. But don’t forget to use mouth freshener before you go for a kiss.

Valentine Day: The most awaited day comes finally. The day to express your feelings. The day of being together the whole day. A well planned Valentine Day can be remembered for years. Impress your partners giving gifts to them. Show your love and care. You can either go for a party or for a dinner. Choice is all yours.

Please do share your ideas you have planned for upcoming Valentine Day!

Happy Valentine Day 2014:

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